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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Why Can't We Be The Best?

A former mentor of mine used to pose the above question when talking about Saskatoon.  "Being the best is not a question of whether we have problems or not, but rather how we deal with them," he would continue.

If we judge ourselves by this method, the question of our success as a city is not one answered with economic data, crime statistics, or a current population count.  Rather, our success is measured by examining the people and the complex processes that go into making a city like Saskatoon work.

This is what Saskatoon In Focus is all about.  Over the coming months, I hope Saskatoon In Focus can examine not only the what, but also the who, how, and why behind the decision making and leadership in our city.  This will be accomplished by using a wide lens that asks questions not just of the 'political' leaders and decision makers, but also of our dedicated leaders in the business community, the arts, and in the non-profit sectors.

Saskatoon In Focus is also about dialogue.  Before each guest's appearance on the show, you will have the opportunity to submit your questions and ideas to be brought up during the interview.  But the discussion shouldn't stop there.  Through this blog, Twitter, and Facebook, anyone can comment on and discuss the show, our guests, and most importantly ideas about the future of Saskatoon.

There are so many things, too numerous to list, that make Saskatoon great.  I hope you'll stay tuned and help me explore the ideas and people behind the headlines that make us the best.

‘Saskatoon In Focus’ is an independently produced interview show that will air on Shaw TV starting October 2010.

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